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Thermal Blanket Covers

Mzansi Pool Covers specialize in the manufacture and or installation of solar blankets for the domestic and commercial market. Each cover is fabricated to the required shape and pool size, with the major focus being water retention, heating, cost savings in chemical reduction and general maintenance. Solar blankets are designed specifically to retain water through reduced evaporation of up to 98%.

Solar blankets will also increase water temperature by between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius, significantly reducing heating costs and minimizing heat loss overnight.

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Thermal Covers are available in 2 different colours


We offer a range of solar covers from the standard 400 micron thickness up to the heavy duty heat retention covers. Together with reel systems either manual, electric or solar powered automatic units.

Solar Covers work by using the sun’s free energy to heat your pool during the day, and keep your pool warm by significantly reducing evaporation. Evaporation is the main cause of heat loss in indoor and outdoor pools. A solar bubble blanket can cut evaporation up to 95%! Additionally, you will be able to save money on chemicals. Solar covers cut chemical costs up to 40% by reducing the amount of chemicals that gas off through normal evaporation. Each solar cover will keep your swimming pool cleaner by blocking out dirt and debris from entering the water.

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